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Share Map Data

GIS data in the State of Vermont is overseen by groups with different jurisdictions and data responsibilities. VCGI, as part of the Enterprise GIS Consortium, coordinates the stewardship of the state's spatial data infrastructure. This infrastructure includes foundational public datasets that underlie many other uses such as orthoimagery, lidar elevation data, roadways, waterways and more--all of which are the purview of different agencies.

This shared data stewardship is known as a federated model. For example, address information is overseen by the Enhanced 911 Board, roadways and right-of-way by the Agency of Transportation (VTrans), water data by the Agency of Natural Resources, etc. Each group works together to integrate, maintain and publish their information to the Vermont Open Geodata Portal. Data shared in the portal focuses on these foundational datasets that strive to be as accurate, widely useful, and current as possible. If you are a Vermont state agency or non-governmental statewide organization wishing to share more of your GIS data please contact us.

Time-sensitive, project and/or policy specific GIS data applicable at the regional and municipal levels is the purview of towns in partnership with their Regional Planning Commission (RPC). RPC's have GIS staff that can help citizens and municipalties update their zoning maps and land use maps, for example, both of which are made availble in the portal by RPC's. You may look up contacts for your RPC through the Vermont Association of Planning & Development Agencies (VAPDA).

Program-Specific GIS Data Submission Forms

Parcel Program - Municipal Parcel Data Update Submission Form

ACCD / DHCD Municipal Planning & Bylaw Modernization Grant Program - GIS Data Submission Form