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Partner Agency Maps

VCGI works with multiple state agencies and partners through the Enterprise GIS Consortium. Partner maps and mapping applications are linked below.

Map Applications

Agency / Department Interactive Map Uses
ACCD / DHCD Planning Atlas View planning, development, and historic preservation-related spatial datasets.
ACCD / DHCD Municipal Planning Data Center View status of municipal plans, bylaws and designated areas throught Vermont.
ACCD Themed Tourism Maps View lodging, attractions, shops, events, and fun facts around Vermont.
ACCD / DED Interactive Community Atlas View businesses in Vermont with 30 or more employees and across a variety of sectors.
AHS / VDH Public Health Reference Map View information to support local health work in Vermont.
AHS / VDH Public Health Data Explorer View public health information, trends over time, and visualize health indicators on a map.
AHS / VDH Community Profiles View public health information, trends over time, and visualize health indicators on a map, sortable by different health communities.
AHS / VDH Environmental Public Health Tracking View data on air quality, asthma, cancer, climate and health, drinking water, and more, all by location in Vermont.
AHS / VDH Social Vulnerability Atlas View the number of social vulnerability measures above the 90th percentile for Vermont census tracts.
AHS / VDH Heat Vulnerability Index View the overall vulnerability of each Vermont town to heat related illness.
AHS / VDH Community Level Estimates View disparities in risk behaviors and chronic disease for 89 geographies across Vermont.
AHS / VDH Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Tracker View status of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in Vermont waterways.
AHS / VDH Tick Tracker View status and report sighting of ticks across Vermont.
AHS / VDH EMS & MRC On-Call Station Finder Find the Emergency Medical Services and Medical Reserve Corps locations closest to you.
AHS / VDH Vermont Travel Clinic Finder Find clinics near you to provide the immunizations needed for travel abroad.
AHS / VDH Mosquitoes in Vermont See where mosquito-borne viruses impact Vermonters.
ANR Agency of Natural Resources Atlas View and create maps with over 150 natural resources datasets.
ANR Agency of Natural Resources Atlas Lite View and create maps with over 150 natural resources datasets. Loads layers individually as you add them.
ANR Private Well Reporting View information about drinking water wells from ANR's well driller reports.
ANR Universal Recycling Materials Management Connect people with solid waste services; and haulers, composters, and food rescue agencies to sources of food and food scraps.
ANR Vermont Flood Ready Atlas Identify critical facilities, transportation services and buildings in your community that are at risk of damage from flooding.
ANR BioFinder Combine and map priority conservation datasets.
ANR Permit Navigator A guide to identifying various Agency of Natural Resources permit requirements that may apply to your project or business.
ANR What's My Elevation? A simple tool to find one's elevation at a chosen point in Vermont by referencing VCGI's lidar-derived datasets.
AOT Vermont Emergency Management Preliminary Damage Assessment Map View the preliminary damage severity for a given natural disaster event, organized by date.
AOT Vermont Online Geodetic Information System View benchmarks and other spatial reference information.
AOT Vermont Statewide Park and Ride Lots View location and information about park and ride locations statewide.
AOT Vermont Travel Information 511 View road conditions, emergency, travel, and other announcements and resources.
AOT VTrans Current Maintenance Districts View current boundaries of VTrans maintenance districts, as well as the road segments that each district is responsible for.
AOT VTrans' Digital Print Room Library of surveys and engineering plans, maps, and images.
AOT VTrans Litter Picking View areas where we have completed our litter picking and those areas where we are planning on picking this spring.
AOT VTrans Project Information View information pertaining to Agency of Transportation projects through a map interface.
AOT VTrans Route Logs (Straight-Line Diagrams) View all the segments representing the currently available routelogs.
AOT VTrans Subsurface Investigations Displays all subsurface investigations performed by VTrans.
AOT VTransparency View project status, inspections, maintenance and other mapped transportation information.
AOT Right of Way Spatial Data Hub View right-of-way lines, easements, acquisitions, project areas, and more.
AOT Vermont Transportation Flood Resiliency Planning Tool Used for prediction of road, bridge, and culvert vulnerability due to flood inundation, erosion, and deposition hazards, criticality assessment, risk rating, and mitigation.
e911 e911 Viewer View Vermont address, location, and emergency services information.

Static Maps

e911 Board PDF Map Books

VTrans PDF Maps

VTrans PDF Town Highway Maps