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Data Status

Program Data Status

Parcel Program

Municipal Parcel Map Status : This tool reflects information about the best available parcel data in GIS format that we have received and published for each Vermont municipality, including known information their parcel mapping practices.

Imagery Program

Ortho Status Viewer - This map displays the collection status of the most recent vintage of orthoimagery across Vermont.

Lidar Program

Lidar Availability Status - This map displays the best available lidar and lidar-derived data products across Vermont.

VCGI Web Services, Vermont Open Geodata Portal, and Vermont Interactive Map Viewer Status

NOTE: It is possible that the status below shows as okay, but that there are still issues with the platform on which the Geodata Portal and some services there are built. See additional status info. Additionally, some services use ESRI's ArcGIS Online Platform, which is also separate from those below. For current AGO-related status, see ESRI's near real-time status report.