Map Center

VCGI doesn't make maps! This surprises some people...and it isn't completely true. We are not primarily mapmakers; we are the providers of data that people use to make maps.

However....we do provide the VT Interactive Map Viewer, a dynamic basemap that allows YOU to make a map. We have an ArcGIS Online Portal that gives you access to additional dynamic maps, published services, and another mapping system that YOU can customize. You will also find links to other interactive mapping applications within and beyond Vermont listed on the Interactive Maps page.

We also have a very limited selection of black and white static maps that are available for printing or using in digital form posted on the Static Maps page, along with links to static maps provided by others.

We recently added the Historic Maps section full of links to sources of scanned and paper older maps.

If you are looking for someone to make a map for you or help you with a mapping project, you might consider contacting a Regional Planning Commission GIS Specialist or a private GIS consultant. Click here to see contact information for RPCs and Consultants.

Looking for a basic tourist map? VT State Map