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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view answers to frequently asked questions regarding our programs, datasets, and general mapping practices.

Vermont GIS Standards and Guidelines

Click here to find information concerning Vermont GIS standards, guidelines, policies and procedures. The authoring and adoption of new GIS standards and guidelines is overseen by the State of Vermont's Enterprise Consortium Group (EGC).

How-To and Training Resources

Click here to view GIS how-to and training resources that include step-by-step tutorials, short videos, and captures of webinars. In-person demonstrations may be available on certain occasions, see the events page for listings.


Click here to learn more about upcoming events in which VCGI involved. These may include info sessions, webinars, conferences, and more.

History of GIS in VT

Click here to learn about the history of developing Vermont's GIS, which includes issues and lessons learned that remain relevant.

Updates and Notifications

There are multiple ways to stay in the loop regarding VCGI updates. Posting of news, data releases, service changes, and other updates are available via the news and updates section of this site.

Other ways to stay informed of updates and notifications regarding VCGI's data products and services are:

  • @VCGI on Twitter - Short bursts of map-related phenomena. A good place to check for updates on what we're working on.
  • @VTGeospatial on Youtube - VCGI's youtube channel contains videos pertaining to our data, services, and applications.

Lastly, we also use the VGIS-L listerv. VGIS-L is an old-school distributed e-mail group. When you subscribe to the list you will receive via e-mail any posting made by other subscribers. Such postings may include known issues, event notices, data update announcements, questions from others in the GIS field, and other information useful to the VT GIS user. You may also post messages with similar content to the list. Please Note: You will only be able to post messages to VGIS-L from the email addresses you used when you subscribed! If you change your email address, please unsubscribe using the old address and re-subscribe using the new address.