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GIS work relies on collaboration among data creators, publishers, stewards, and users. We work with a number of public and private organizations such as those listed here to provide high quality, useful spatial information to the public. These groups may provide you with more information, technical support, education, maps, data and resources.

State of Vermont Enterprise GIS Consortium (EGC)

The EGC is a consortium of state government and partner organizations focused on effective management of the State’s Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). The mission of the EGC is to improve the quality & lower cost of government services through coordinated investment, management, and application of geospatial data & systems.

The EGC is comprised of members of:

Read more about the EGC here.

Our work also involves coordination with other groups, including but not limited to the Vermont State Archives & Records Administration (VSARA), Agency of Education, Vermont League of Cities & Towns (VLCT), the Department of Taxes, and more.

Broader GIS Community

VT Academic Institutions

These links are to GIS-related activities at each institution.

Neighboring States & Provinces

Professional GIS Service Providers

This is a voluntary, partial list open to anyone who provides GIS services to people and organizations in Vermont. Contact us if you would like to be added to the list, or have your entry modified.