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Finding and Using Vermont Lidar Data: An Introduction (2022)

Interested in finding and using freely available Vermont lidar-derived elevation data products, perhaps for the first time? This webinar hosted by the Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) covers how to find and understand lidar-derived data, with emphasis on web browser-based tools to view them. We will cover data products made available by VCGI’s lidar program, and the VT Interactive Map Viewer as a means of access. Video recording is available here:

Vermont Utility Pole GIS Data Standard

The purpose of the VT GIS Pole Data Standard is to foster a uniform system for pole information. It is designed for all utilities and telecom organizations to effectively plan and manage their infrastructure over time. The Standard identifies the type and form of information about utility poles that are most useful. This can be used to guide decisions about what information to collect and maintain on these assets.

This Standard is for use by all of Vermont’s pole-owning utilities and telecom organizations and their consultants or contractors.

The Vermont Department of Public Service is the steward for the Standard. Individual pole owners are responsible for the datasets related to poles they own.

Nothing in this Standard requires its adoption, either in whole or in part, by any entity, including pole owners or other users.
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