EGC Geospatial Data Exchange Protocol

12 February 2020
The EGC Geospatial Data Exchange Protocol is a framework of data-exchange specifications that yield efficient and effective sharing and exchange of geospatial data resources between EGC-member organizations. The protocol brings clarity, consistency, and reliability to data exchange processes. It is based on adopted standards and best data-management practices.

GeoPackage Overview

22 August 2019

The webinar video providing an overview of the GeoPackage file format is now available.

ArcSDE Configuration and Management Guidelines

22 December 2006
This guideline is designed to help agencies in the State of Vermont who plan to configure and manage an ArcSDE1 installation. It includes a set of guidelines that will help ensure greater compatibility between Agencies in the State of Vermont. The hope is that this will lead to improved data sharing and exchange, and create the foundation for an Enterprise VGIS System.

Vermont GPS Guidelines

26 September 2005
This section can be used as a stand-alone reference to aid users of Global Positioning Technology (GPS) in gaining a better understanding of the technology and to improve the quality and accuracy of the data they acquire. It also provides the foundation for Section B - Data Accuracy Standards and Section C - Content Specifications that are geared to support project where GPS data is acquired through contractual agreements.

Horizontal Datum Conversions

26 February 1998
This paper outlines the steps required to convert ARC/INFO coverages from the North American Datum of 1927 (NAD27) to the more accurate North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83).

Managing Data Layer Updates

26 August 1993
Data maintenance is often an expensive yet neglected aspect of managing GIS data. Each data layer is unique and will have its own system for making and tracking updates. By consequence, tools for data maintenance are generally not built into GIS software. This guideline contains a collection of techniques and procedures for managing GIS data layer updates. Appropriate techniques can be adopted (with modification as need be) for a given data layer. Some data layers change very little over time, and may only require simple procedures for reporting errors and making rare revisions. Other layers change often and require procedures for recording updates in a manner that supports quality control and tracking of changes over time. A full range of techniques is discussed here, including methods which enable an audit trail of modifications over time for a given feature. The text is primarily intended for those familiar with the Arc/Info GIS software.


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