Coming in January 2020: Vermont Survey Library

10 June 2019
Survey excerpt courtesy of B.M. Paul, Licensed Land Surveyor

Survey excerpt courtesy of B.M. Paul, VT Licensed Land Surveyor

Coming in January 2020: Vermont Survey Library

H.526 Establishes the Creation of a Statewide Survey Library, Requirement for Boundary Line Changes

MONTPELIER, VT. -- Bill H.526 was signed into law this session following a recommendation of the statewide parcels advisory board, experience from the parcel program, and input from multiple related groups. Within the bill are GIS-related items of note:

  • An online statewide survey library for digital copies of survey plats will be created and hosted by VCGI. The library will be a public resource for accessing digital copies of survey plats created by Vermont licensed land surveyors in PDF format. The survey plat filed with the town clerk of the respective municipality in which the survey is located remains the official plat of record. The survey library is currently being developed by VCGI with input from the Board of Land Surveyors, the Vermont Society of Land Surveyors, and other parties, and will be available for use by January 1, 2020.  
  • A statewide requirement for a survey in the instance of changes in property lines and subdivisions. Digital copies of these surveys of boundary line adjustments are required to be submitted by the VT licensed land surveyor to the online survey library. The requirement will take effect on January 1, 2020, affecting line changes from that date forward.

The survey library and requirement stem from the three-year statewide parcels project that will have updated or developed digital parcel data for every municipality in Vermont by the end of December 2019. Among other uses, the library will provide documentation useful for the update and maintenance of municipal parcel data beyond the initial three-year project, whether that data is maintained by a map vendor or the town.  

More information about the survey library, including the URL of its online home, is coming later this year. Stay tuned to for news and updates.

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