Updates to VT Parcel Services and Retirement of Older Versions on 3/1/2021

05 February 2021

VCGI has recently improved the performance and maintenance of its parcel services. In the past few months and behind the scenes, these new ArcGIS Online-hosted parcel services have been running in applications such as the Vermont Parcel Viewer and ANR Atlas. These new services are now ready to be used in your applications and projects.

FS_VCGI_VTPARCELS_WM_NOCACHE_v2 is available in two flavors:

  • An ArcGIS Online Feature Services (Not Cached) in Web Mercator

Service Endpoint:


Service Overview:


  • An OGC Web Feature Service (OGC WFS) (Not Cached) in Web Mercator (better suited for use in non-ESRI GIS platforms such as QGIS):

Service Endpoint:


Service Overview:


These new services are also available from the Map Services section of the Parcels Page at the VT Open Geodata Portal*:

Users should make plans to check the referenced parcel services in their applications and projects and, if referencing the old versions below, be sure to repoint them to the new services above between now and March 1st, 2021.

The older parcel services are slated for retirement and will be discontinued on March 1st, 2021 per VCGI’s Life Cycle Policy:






*Note: Parcel data downloads also available from the Parcels Page at the VT Open Geodata Portal remain served in VT State Plane Projection and are downloadable either as statewide layers for active and inactive polygons or individual town extracts for active polys. Furthermore, the new parcel services and downloads no longer contain a separately available parcel lines layer, as they are not uniformly maintained by source towns and map vendors.

As always, reach out to us at VCGI if you have any parcel-related questions and be sure to check the Parcel Program Overview Page periodically to learn about updates in how parcel data are maintained and made available throughout Vermont.


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