VT Zoning GIS Data Standard

15 November 2017
The VT Zoning GIS Data Standard seeks to: 1. Define a data framework for using GIS to digitally map municipal zoning district information. 2. Provide a solution that can be used to keep a geographical representation of zoning districts up to date as amendments occur. 3. Provide a time-aware solution that can be used to retrieve historical zoning information. 4. Provide a data framework that supports data integrity, spatial reliability, and appropriate data use. 5. Provide the data framework as a resource that can be extended to meet local municipal business needs.

Vermont Protected Lands Geospatial Data Standard

30 November 2020
The Vermont Protected Lands Geospatial Data Standard seeks to: 1. Define attributes and acceptable attribute values for a geospatial database identifying protected land in Vermont. 2. Define data format and structure for the Protected Lands Database 3. Define Metadata requirements for the Protected Lands Database 4. Provide procedures for submitting new or updated Protected Lands Geospatial Data to VCGI, so that the data can be included in the next update to the Protected Lands Database. 5. Define the intended time frame for updates to the Protected Lands Database

VT Open Geodata Portal: Tagging Standard

12 September 2018
The purpose of this Tagging Standard is to establish a tagging framework that yields consistently positive user and publisher experiences with Vermont’s Open Geodata Portal in terms of data searching, data discovery, portal organization, and portal-content presentation.

VT Open Geodata Portal: ArcGIS Online Configuration Standards

12 October 2016
This document defines standards for registering your data, web services, apps, products, and tools within AGO so that they can be discovered via the Vermont Open Geodata Portal (Portal). The purpose of these standards is to support consistent implementation and maintenance of a federated Portal that will connect publishers and consumers in a user-driven portal that facilitates finding, exploring, and consuming geospatial information.

VT GIS Parcel Data Standard

20 October 2016
The VT GIS Parcel Data Standard seeks to: 1. Define technical requirements for municipalities to utilize when creating or updating GIS parcel data. Separate levels of this standard will allow municipalities to pick a level suitable for procurement, budget, and resource considerations and ensure that high quality and reliable parcel information products are developed. This standard provides an extensible framework that serves as a foundation for production of supersets of the standard levels for particular municipal business needs. 2. Establish common data elements and ensure consistency between different municipal GIS parcel data sets to ensure that all delivered municipal GIS parcel datasets can be merged into a single statewide dataset without translation. The common data elements and data consistency provide a framework that yields efficient exchange of parcel data and parcel data aggregation.

Buildings Data Standard

25 April 1994
This document is primarily for use by people who collect and maintain data about residential and/or commercial buildings. The purpose is to provide standard methods for collecting such data so that it is fully compatible with the Vermont Geographic Information System (VGIS).

Bridge and Culvert Data Exchange Standard

25 March 2009
This Standard is intended to define a common data exchange format for bridge and culvert data (xy locations and inventory information) collected in the State of Vermont. The hope is that this standard will enhance data compatibility and sharing between local municipalities, Regional Planning Commissions, and State Agencies.

Road Centerline Spatial Data Standard

25 January 2005
This Standard is intended to draw together all documentation and references related to the development and maintenance of Vermont's master road centerline spatial data layer. It outlines the structure of Vermont's road centerline data layer (TransRoad_RDS), herein referred to as RDS. This document will act as a road map to the future of this data layer. This standard will be phased in over a period of time. It will not be implemented all at once. Financial and organizational constraints will dictate the pace of implementation.

Surface Waters Standard

25 September 2008
The purpose of the surface waters standard is to adopt nationally accepted “framework” data models, their standards and associated programs as the foundation for developing and maintaining surface water and hydrologic unit boundary data in Vermont.


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