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2023 Orthoimagery Now Available

April 9, 2024
15cm 2023 Orthoimagery Index

The index image above shows in green which areas were collected in Spring 2023 and are now available in the various products below.

2023 0.15m / 15cm Orthoimagery Covering Major Transportation Corridors and Urban Areas Now Available for Download and Streaming

The Vermont Imagery Program is pleased to announce the availability of orthoimagery captured in spring 2023 at 15cm / 0.15m ground sample distance covering the major transportation routes and urban areas statewide.

Imagery is available for download and streaming from the imagery page at the VT Open Geodata Portal, including the following updated products:

Web Services

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_BW2021_2025_SP_NOCACHE (ImageServer) - UPDATED

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_BW_SP_CACHE (ImageServer) - UPDATED

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_BW_WM_CACHE (ImageServer) - UPDATED

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CIR2021_2025_SP_NOCACHE (ImageServer) - UPDATED

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CIR_SP_CACHE (ImageServer) - UPDATED

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CIR_WM_CACHE (ImageServer) - UPDATED

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CLR2023_SP_CACHE (ImageServer) - NEW

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CLR2023_WM_CACHE (ImageServer) - NEW

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CLR_SP_CACHE (ImageServer) - UPDATED

EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CLR_WM_CACHE (ImageServer) - UPDATED

In these file naming conventions, "SP" stands for Vermont State Plane Coordinate System, which are ideal for desktop and/or State Plane-dependent uses, and "WM" for Web Mercator, which are ideal for web mapping applications.


2023 Downloads - 0.15m Color, Color Infrared (Tile Download Tool | Bulk Download Zip (66 GB) | Alternative Bulk Download Zip (66 GB) | Metadata)

2023 Downloads - 0.15m Black and White (Tile Download Tool | Bulk Download Zip (30 GB) | Metadata)


An index service of the extents of the 2023 collection that includes tile information is also currently available. (2023 0.15m CLRIR Index | 2023 0.15m PAN Index)

Index shapefile downloads (2023 0.15m CLRIR Index | 2023 0.15m PAN Index)


Please contact VCGI's Steve Sharp at or 802-882-3006.