VCGI's New Website and New Services Available Beginning Tonight (Feb. 1)

You will notice the following changes over the weekend (exact time will vary as changes propagate over the internet)...

Benefits to You

New Website:

  • Improved appearance
  • Easier navigation
  • Streamlined data access
    • Direct access to pre-packaged data
    • Note: custom data/imagery download and tiled data download are no longer available - see technical explanation below

New/Updated Web Services:

  • Dynamic image services enable enhanced access to more VT imagery
  • Latest imagery is available via cache (including 2012 VT Orthos)
  • New geocoding services
  • Must have ArcGIS 10.x or higher to use new ArcGIS 10.1 web map services

Action You May Need to Take

  • If you currently use VCGI's Basemap, Cached Imagery, or Geocoding Services, the domain remains but you will need to redirect ArcGIS as indicated below:

 Old ArcGIS 9.3.1

 New ArcGIS 10.1











* replaced by VCGI_BASEMAP_SP

* replaced by VCGI_BASEMAP_WM





  • If you are currently using VCGI's geocoding services, you will need to redirect as follows:

Old 9.3.1

New 10.1






EGC_services/GCS_ E911_COMPOSITE_WM (planned)

EGC_services/GCS_ E911_ESITE_SP

EGC_services/GCS_ E911_ESITE_WM (planned)

More Great Things To Come

  • Webinars to help you navigate the changes (Tour of the new website, How to connect to map and imagery services...)
  • Data warehouse redesign.  We will spend time in 2013 thinking about and re-designing how we store the data we archive as well as how it is made discoverable by and available to you.
  • More cached imagery
  • New USGS topo maps
  • Enhancements to the new Interactive Map Viewer that may impact functionality and data available in the application.

Major Changes at VCGI: The Technical Explanation

New/Updated Web Services

  • ArcIMS has been replaced - This is why custom download and tiled-data download options are no longer available.
  • ArcGIS Server has been upgrade from 9.3.1 to 10.1  - this is why you need ArcGIS 10.1 or higher to use updated web services
  • Dynamic image services enable enhanced access to more VT imagery - more information about this new service will be available soon; keep an eye on the webinar schedule!
  • Latest imagery of all kinds is available via cache (including 2012)
  • Basemap and Imagery are also available as OGC web map services and web cache services

Server Upgrades

  • Complete server upgrade replaces current servers with virtual servers at the VT Dept. of Innovation and Information.
  • Redesigned website
    • same old data warehouse for now minus custom download and tile-download-tool (which may be re-added in the future)
    • prepackaged and pre-staged zip downloads