Standards and Guidelines

"Information will be the fuel for the future economy. Access to information, and effective use of it, will also be the lifeblood for the planning process we believe is essential at all levels to achieve Vermont's goals."
Pathways to Prosperity, Governor's Economic Commission, December, 1989.

Geographic Information Systems are powerful computer systems that can provide a sophisticated analysis and display of information highly useful to planners, analysts, and managers in government and business. This set of data standards and guidelines is designed to provide a single source of information concerning VT GIS policies, standards, guidelines and procedures so that all users can carry out their GIS activities as described by Vermont statutes (3 VSA 20(b)) - "compatible with, useful to, and shared with" the GIS activities of others.

Preface to the VT GIS Standards and Guidelines


  1. The Roles of VGIS Partners
  2. Public Access
  3. Pricing of Data, Information Products, and Services
  4. VCGI Procurement of VGIS Data, Services and Products
  5. VCGI Applications and Services Life Cycle Policies
    1.  ArcGIS Server Services Life Cycle Support Policy
    2. ArcSDE Server Services Life Cycle Support Policy
    3. Web Applications and DNS Domains Life Cycle Support Policy


  1. Digital Data Conversion
  2. Map Coordinate System
  3. Land Cover/Land Use Codes
  4. Metadata (Data Layer Documentation)
    1. Metadata Template
  5. Geographic Area Codes (New!)
  6. Surface Waters Data Standard
  7. Road Centerline Spatial Data Standard
  8. Bridge & Culvert Data Exchange Standard
  9. Buildings Data Standard
  10. Vermont GIS Parcel Data Standard v. 2.3
    1. Geodatabase, Shapefile, and Metadata Templates!
  11. Vermont Open Geodata Portal Standards 
    1. ArcGIS Online Configuration Standards v.1.0
    2. Tagging Standard
  12. Vermont Protected Lands Geospatial Data Standard v. 1.3 (New!)
  13. Vermont Zoning Data Standard v.1.2.2 (New Version!)
    1. Geodatabase, Shapefile, and Metadata Templates
  14. Vermont 3-Phase Geodata-Exchange Standard v. 1.0 (New!)
  15. Vermont Future Land Use GIS-Data Standard v. 1.1 (New!)
    1. Geodatabase, Shapefile, and Metadata Templates


  1. GIS Parcel Mapping Guideline v. 2.0 (Updated!)
  2. Use of Vermont Coordinate System
  3. Attribute Definitions and Codes
  4. Directory Structure and File Names
  5. Contracting With GIS Consultants
  6. Managing Data Layer Updates
  7. Horizontal Datum Conversions
  8. VT GPS Guidelines
  9. ArcSDE Configuration and Management Guidelines
  10. Vermont Open Geodata Portal: ArcGIS Web Services Guidelines v.1.0 (New!)