Other GIS Organizations

There are a number of public and private organizations that can provide you with information, technical support, education, maps, and data! We have listed those we think are particularly important below.

VT State Agencies and Departments:

GIS Consultants - This list is voluntary and open to anyone who provides GIS services to people or organizations in Vermont. Contact the Outreach Coordinator if you would like to be added to this list.

Regional Planning Commissions - Each of the 11 RPCs in the state has at least one GIS specialist on staff. These staff members provide GIS expertise to their member towns as well as to support the planning function of the RPC. They are also invaluable resources to schools, nonprofits, and other government agencies working in that region. RPCs are also the best source for local GIS data. The VAPDA web page provides contact information for each of the RPCs.

Academic Institutions - Many of the colleges and universities in Vermont offer GIS classes and programs. We have listed most of them below.

Not quite GIS....Are you looking for Census Data? Perhaps the Indicators site that used to be linked from our site? Here is the link to the VT State Data Center, with links to Indicators and other resources: http://www.uvm.edu/crs/Census/

Neighboring States and Provinces

  Federal Agencies

   Private Sector