Finding or Posting a Job or Internship Oppportunity

  • Check the GIS Jobs Clearinghouse or or Directions Magazine's Listings  to see if there are any Vermont listings.
  • Visit our Education and Training Page for more information about professional and academic development as well as tips related to setting up or finding an internship.
  • Join the VGIS-L email listserve if you haven't already. You can peruse the archive to see if job announcements have been posted recently, and you can also post a message describing yourself and offering to send your resume to anyone who is interested. This is a low-volume listserve, so you don't have to worry about getting flooded with emails.
  • Check out the GIS Consultants List . If you are interested in working for a GIS consulting firm, you can get a sense of what firms work out of which towns.
  • The final recommendation is to participate in the Vermont GIS community. Events such as VSDP Roundtable (May) and VT GIS Conference (summer) are good opportunities to meet others in the community and learn about job openings. Volunteering is another way to get your foot in the door. Towns and Regional Planning Commissions are often overworked, and they look very favorably on interns and volunteers.