How To Guides

You can find how-to videos for almost any software and procedure at YouTube! QGIS and ArcGIS users and trainers have posted many useful resources there, so search for exactly what you need and broaden your search terms if you don't find what you are looking for. In addition, many trainers have posted their materials as PDFs and as web pages, so it is worth simply googling. User forums may have your exact question posted with the perfect answer. It is important to consider the following information when evaluating a resource:

  • How many others seem to have used it (youtube hits)?
  • Does it have a date that indicates when it was create or posted? has it been updated? Older postings may have inaccurate information for more recent versions of software. 
  • Is it in a format that works for you - do you prefer videos, PDFs, or web sites? If none of these work for you, you can also check out user forums like Stack Exchange to see whether others have posted questions similar to yours and whether they received helpful answers. 

The following resources and documents may be helpful: