Parcel Data Updated: Shapefiles and WMS

Several new town-based parcel datasets have been posted to Vermont's open data warehouse at VCGI. 

Parcel datasets of the following communities were posted:

   Hinesburg (2014)
   Williston (2014)
   Hyde Park (2014)
   Winooski (2014)
   Bridport (2014)
   Richmond (2014)
   Milton (2014)
   Weathersfield (2011)
   Reading (2013)
   Windsor (2010)
   Andover (2011)
   Cavendish (2009)
   Ludlow (2013)
   Chester (2013)
   West Windsor (2013)
   Stowe (2014)

The parcel datasets, collectively named CadastralParcels_VTPARCELS, can be downloaded by searching the open data warehouse with the keyword 'parcels':

The parcel datasets (zipped shapefiles) can be downloaded individually by community or as one shapefile in which all of the parcel datasets have been conflated.

NOTE:  VCGI's web services are also reflecting the updated CadastralParcels_VTPARCELS dataset.