New and Updated Web Services from VCGI

VCGI is pleased to announce the release of some new and updated Web Services! These services include 2013 + 2014 VT ortho imagery (panchromatic, true color, and color infrared) and 2014 NAIP imagery (true color and color infrared). New and updated services are noted on VCGI’s Web Services page.

Look for the keyword “UPDATED” or “NEW” on the page.

We also have a revised Life Cycle Policy for these web services.…/serv…/VCGI_AGS_LifeCyclePolicy.pdf

A Note regarding UPDATED web services: You shouldn’t see any impact/disruption to any of your ArcGIS/ArcMap/etc project files and/or web apps that reference any of these updated services. However, the “All VT Imagery” map service (the one containing all VT imagery and indexes) has new “version 2” (v2) releases (state plane and web mercator). Both are still available in their original v1 release, however, these will be discontinued on 10/1/2015 (as noted in the updated life cycle policy). As a result you will need to migrate any existing or new projects/apps to the v2 release.