Imagery Buy-Up Options

The State of Vermont has established a contract with vendors to collect and quality control statewide orthoimagery as well as “optional buy-up products,” including: 1) higher resolution orthoimagery (upgrading from 30cm to 15cm GSD), and 2) planimetrics (“building / impervious surface footprints”).  Product details, a pricing schedule, and instructions for how a State Agency or Regional Planning Commission can work with the State to acquire these products is documented in the Buy-up Guide.

Primary Point of Contact (POC):  If you have questions please contact Steve Sharp at or 802-882-3006. 

How to Apply:   VCGI administers the VT Imagery Program and is responsible for review “buy-up” applications.

  1. Who can apply?  Any State agency or Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs).  RPCs are encouraged to reach out to their municipalities to coordinate acquisition within their region.  Towns interested in participating in this buy-up should contact their Regional Planning Commission.
  2. When can I apply?
  • 15cm Orthoimagery Acquisition: Applications must be submitted between October 1st – December 31st preceding the spring collection cycle (e.g. fall of 2016 for the spring 2017 collection area, fall of 2017 for the spring 2018 collection area, etc.).  Refer to “Geographic Area Requirements and Limitations” outlined in section 6 of the Buy-up Guide.

NOTE: Buy-up AOIs for 15cm orthoimagery are limited to geographic areas being flown within a given year (colored shaded areas on the map in Attachment A of the Buy-up Guide).  It is also important to note that the State of Vermont plans to collect 15cm for all areas outlined in red in Attachment A of the Buy-up Guide, therefore 15cm buy-up applications DO NOT need to include these areas.

  • Planimetric Data: Applications can be submitted to VCGI at any time.  Refer to “Geographic Area Requirements and Limitations” outlined in section 6 of the Buy-up Guide.

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