VCGI Imagery Program


Vermont imagery data downloads and services can be found at the Vermont Open Geodata Portal!


The VCGI Imagery Program (VIP) facilitates and manages activities and services related to imagery and other remotely sensed products that are relevant and useful to Vermont stakeholders.


  • Ensure that useful and consistent imagery is available statewide.
  • Ensure that imagery products are updated on a regular basis.
  • Acquire other remotely sensed products that support the needs of stakeholders.
  • Store and protect the State's imagery assets through the use of "best of breed" technology and business processes.
  • Make all VIP products available in digital format and in a manner that supports stakeholder requirements.


  • The Fourth Vintage of VT's Digital Orthophotos will be collected between spring of 2016 and spring of 2020!
  • Towns/Regions/State Entities will once again have the opportunity to "Buy-Up" higher resolution imagery, planimetrics, impervious surfaces, and/or Lidar data as part of the state imagery acquisition 2016-2020. Contact VCGI to learn more or express your interest!
  • The Third Vintage of VT's Digital Orthophotos is Complete! VCGI has finished the 2011-2015 aquisition of Vermont's Ortho Imagery.
  • With the 2012 signing of the Miscellaneous Tax Bill (H. 782) the Governor created Act 143 of the 2013 Vermont Legislative Session. Act 143 contains changes to the existing statutory language supporting the Vermont Orthophoto Program (see Sec. 34. 32 V.S.A. § 3409).
    • The first change eliminates the existing state ownership of copyright for the orthophotos produced under the ortho program.
    • The second change provides legal transfer of the hardcopy orthophoto originals to the State Archives.
    • A final change to the language updated much of the terminology in the statute from “maps” to “imagery” thereby more accurately reflecting the product (orthoimagery) that is currently being created by the state for the towns.
    • More detail here:

What the VCGI Imagery Program Can Do For YOU

VCGI can provide the following technical assistance to towns, state entities, and nonprofits:

  • Request for Proposal Development - it is important to provide relevant technical specifications and expectations in the RFP you make available to contractors.
  • Project Management - VCGI can help you identify what you need and make sure you are getting what you specified.

Initial consultation is at no charge, further assistance is generally negotiated on a fee-for-service basis.


The Vermont Mapping Program (VMP - within the Vermont Tax Dept.) was the original agency which oversaw the process of orthophotography development in Vermont. In 1974, the VMP was initiated with the intention of creating a uniform statewide base map in order to promote efficient municipal property tax mapping. In 1985, statewide hardcopy orthophotography coverage was completed and an updating process was started due to the age of the original orthophotography. In 1994, the first digital orthophotos were funded and developed for part of the state. With annual funding since that time, digital imagery for the whole state is now available. The second vintage of imagery will be completed in 2010 (see Acquistion History and Acquistion Plan links above).

In 2009, the VT Tax Deptartment chose to end funding for the VMP. The VCGI Imagery Program took over the acquisition and distribution of VT's digital base map orthophotography program as well the archiving and distribution of other digital imagery and raster data of interest to Vermont stakeholders.