Custom Data/Imagery Download is Back!

VCGI's Custom Download Tool allows users to interactively "clip, zip, and ship" data in the file format of their choosing!

We are pleased to announce the release of a new tool that allows users to "customize" their data downloads from Vermont's Open GeoData Portal.

The Custom Download Tool is currently enabled for a subset of datasets, mainly large datasets (such as 2 ft contours...generally "tiled" datasets).  However, nearly all imagery datasets can be "customized" via the tool (and you can get the imagery in TIFF format!).  These datasets will have the Custom Download icon visible in the right-hand column of the search results table.
Yup this BETA.  We'll be making some tweaks/improvements over the next few weeks/months:
  • Dataset must be visible before you can extract it!  You'll need to zoom-in until you can see the actual dataset (eg: contours, imagery, etc) before you can extract it. If you can't see it you can't extract it!
  • Every dataset has a different "maximum area" that can be extracted.  This has been done to reduce server load and avoid the extraction of extremely large files.  You should be ok if you zoom-in to the "visible" scale.  However, if you define an area-of-interest bigger than the max-area you'll get an empty zip file (there will be a log file in the zip...and it will tell you that the file was skipped).  We plan to improve the user experience for the next release; providing the user with immediate notification if the area-of-interest exceeds the maximum for the dataset.
  • As noted above, the Custom Download Tool is available for a subset of datasets.  We anticipate adding more over time, primarily "large" datasets such as LiDAR, giving you the option to grab only what you need!