January 7, 2014

LiDAR derivatives now available for download from VCGI!

With technical support from our partners in the Enterprise Geospatial Consortium LiDAR Workgroup (a.k.a. VTeam LiDAR), VCGI is happy to announce the initial offering of LiDAR “derivative data” under the umbrella of the “Vermont LiDAR Initiative” effort. For more information on the effort, the state LiDAR plan, status graphics and other support data please visit the new VCGI LiDAR web page at

Current data availability includes 1.4m resolution Digital Surface Models (DSMs) “ElevationOther_DSM1p4m” and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) “ElevationDEM_DEM1p4m“ covering the Missisquoi subbasin and a majority of Bennington County. 2’ Contours from these areas will be integrated with the existing 2’ contour layer “ElevationOther_CN2T” early in the New Year. See the LiDAR web page for project data extents and more

See more details at the full VCGI Blog:

December 4, 2013

Parcel Data in Vermont gets better and more convenient!

Updated Parcel data has been posted at VCGI's data warehouse for Huntington, Charlotte, Essex, Hinesburg, Milton, Williston, Fairlee, Bradford, Plymouth, West Fairlee, Randolph, Brookfield, Thetford, Hartford, Tunbridge, and Corinth!

In addition, we have updated the single shapefile representing all the parcel data we have which was originally created by Erik Engstrom at ANR. Thank you Erik for creating the merged shapefile and sharing your methodology with Ivan here at VCGI.

In order to access the new and updated data at VCGI's data warehouse, simply go here and type "parcels"(no quotes) in the keyword search, then click on the Go button:

Click on the icon below the word "download" to see the list of available parcel data and to download.

Please note the files at the top of the list: a readme file about the merged parcel shapefile, a zip file that contains the merged parcels shapefile, a zip file that contains all of the individual town shapefiles, and index maps in both PDF and shapefile format!

We also have several new parcel datasets on hand from towns in the NVDA (Northeast VT) area. Our goal is to post those datasets to the VCGI data warehouse and the merged parcels layer early in 2014. Any other data that we collect in the mean time will be added to the data warehouse a little later in 2014.

If you notice that your town's data does not represent the most up to date version you know of, please contact your RPC and pass the data along to them.

October 31, 2013

This release includes a significant change in its schema

as part of the effort between VTrans and E911 to merge their two datasets. 

Please read the METADATA associated with this release.  This release contains a similar field structure as E911’s data set, but most of the E911-based fields are null.  Those fields will be filled in as we continue to work on the merge.

As part of the schema change, several VTrans fields have been renamed, specifically:






Also, we’ve retained a couple fields that will be dropped later, RDNAME and RDFLNAME.  We still rely on those for our work and their replacements aren’t populated yet.

New Field            Old Field Equivalent




Because the data set contains 80+ fields, we have been asked to consider releasing a VTrans_Lite version that contains only the most needed fields for general or transportation use.  We are open to this concept and can work with VCGI on how to make such a version available through their data warehouse.  If you have specific fields you would like to have included in that data set please let me know.


VCGI has also created RDSMAJ1 and RDSMAJ2 extracts from this data and has made them available through their data warehouse.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Sara Moulton, GISP:

Mapping & GIS Specialist, Mapping Unit

Division of Policy and Planning

Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans)

Tel: 802-828-2109

October 28, 2013

Offered at the Winooski Campus

Location: Winooski
Credits: 3 (45 hours)
Day/Times: Monday, 11:45AM - 02:30PM
Semester Dates: 01-27-2014 to 05-05-2014
Faculty: Daniel Jarvis

Link to full description:
This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of geospatial technology, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), cartography, remote sensing, and spatial analysis through a series of hands-on computer-based exercises. Participants will learn how to utilize geospatial technology to address social and environmental issues.

Essential Objectives:

1. Describe the fundamental concepts of Geographic Information Science and Technology.
2. Explain basic functions and uses of geospatial software and hardware.
3. Employ fundamental remote sensing and spatial analysis techniques.
4. Demonstrate basic proficiency in map creation and design principles, including thematic map display, employment of map projections, and cartographic design.
5. Create and acquire spatial data using sources including the Global Position System.
6. Access and create different sources of data and evaluate their quality.
7. Demonstrate proficiency in understanding, interpreting, evaluating, and applying quantitative data and information.

To register, you must apply to CCV and then make a registration appointment to actually register for the course. Here is the application page:

Call 802-654-0544 to make registration appointment.

October 22, 2013

The Northern Border Regional Comission has awarded VCGI $169,100

to partner with VT's northern Regional Planning Commissions to fund a program to create or update/improve digital parcel data for select towns located in those regions. The bulk of the funds will be made available to towns so that they can hire mapping contractors to create or upgrade their parcel data. VCGI and the RPCs will offer education and support to towns that wish to participate, and towns will be chosen to receive mapping funds through a competitive application process. The outcome of this program will be consistent data parcel data that meets the state parcel data standard, as well as towns that are better prepared to keep this vital digital resource accurate and up to date.  More info will be available in the next few months!