VT Interactive Map Viewer HTML5 Version - Public BETA

VCGI has been busy migrating the VT Interactive Map Viewer (an application that uses the Microsoft Silverlight  plugin) over to HTML5.  Today we are pleased to announce our 1st BETA! This new VT Interactive Map Viewer is designed to replace the current viewer.


  • Supported on all modern browsers (desktop computers, tablets and phones). No plugins required.
  • Complete functional equivalency to the current SilverLight viewer.
  • Access to all of VCGI's Open Data via the Layer Catalog tool.
  • Changeable layer symbology.
  • Google Street View widget to get a ground view.
  • Save your map for later use and/or sharing. NOTE: requires that you have an ArcGIS Online Account (available free https://www.arcgis.com/home/createaccount.html)

Please take the BETA for a spin: http://dev.maps.vermont.gov/vcgi/html5viewer/?viewer=vtmapviewer

…and when you’re done kicking-the-tires let us know what you think: SURVEY: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/699H8PJ

This is a quick one-week BETA which will be closed COB 12/12/2016.  Thanks again for your input!