HackVT 2017 - The Geospatial Hack

Summary of HackVT 2017 provided by Nick Floersch of Stone Environmental, Inc:

VCGI graciously provided a person (Kendall Fortney) and data to HackVT in order to inspire Vermont’s brightest hackers to build a cool GIS-enabled app that helps users discover the undiscovered Vermont. Whatever that meant to the hacker.

Most of the hackers had minimal to 0 GIS experience before the hackathon was announced in mid-September. So the BTV tech community rallied together and spent the month before the hackathon offering various trainings and events to get the potential hackers potentially aware of the potential of GIS applications.

  • Who won?
  • What cool GIS apps were hacked together with VCGI’s data?
  • How many pizzas were consumed over the course of the 24-hour straight code-fest?
  • What odd thing could be found in Green Mountain Power’s office-kitchen freezer?

These questions can be answered (mostly) by going to the website, ya goofball! So get over there and find out.


And next year when HackVT rolls around, remember… you can win this event, too.