2016 Orthoimagery Services - Phase 1 Release

PHASE I RELEASE: As part of our ongoing release of 2016 orthoimagery data and web services, the VT Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) is pleased to announce our “Phase I” release 2016 web services.  This release includes the following New and Updated web services.

New 2016 Imagery Services
  • Vintage-4 Imagery Services* – The term “Vintage-4” refers to the 4th generation of digital VT orthoimagery, which is imagery that is being collected during a 5-year window (2016 to 2020).  These services (Color, Color Infrared, Black & White) are currently limited to 2016 orthos, however, 2017 to 2020 imagery will be added once collected and processed.  You can get to them here http://geodata.vermont.gov/datasets?t=all(isothemeimagery%2Citemtypewebservice%2CnewnessNew)
Updated All Imagery Service

* These are dynamic services (not cached) and therefore will render more slowly than cached services. 

How about cached services?

These services require lots of backend processing before they are ready, therefore they will be released in the following phases

  • PHASE II ~ April 2017: The “Phase II” release will include cached versions of the color 2016 imagery (VT State Plane and Web Mercator). 
  • PHASE III ~ May 2017: The “Phase III” release will integrate the 2016 imagery into Vermont’s fully cached “Best of” imagery services including 1) Best of Color, 2) Best of Color Infrared, and 3) Best of Black and White (panchromatic).  It is anticipated that this release will also include the 2016 60cm NAIP imagery.
How to Videos

Steve Sharp steve.sharp@vermont.gov OR 802-882-3006.