2016 Orthoimagery Available For Download and Purchase!

The VT Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) is pleased to announce the release of new Vermont Orthoimagery collected in 2016.  This release represents the 1st acquisition year of a new collection effort (2016-2020 map here) which will result in a completely new set of 30cm leaf-off 4-band orthoimagery.  Additionally, we are collecting 15cm imagery for specific “buy-up areas”.

The 2016 orthos cover approximately 1/5 of the state, a swath cutting across Rutland and Windsor counties.  30cm imagery is available for this entire area; 15cm is available for the buy-up areas (shown with hatched lines on the map).


  • Higher Resolution Base Imagery – The base orthoimagery is being collected at 30cm Ground Sample Distance (GSD).  This nearly halves the resolution from previous ortho vintages (50cm).
  • 6-inch Resolution for Buy-up Areas – Approximately 10% of the state is being collected at 15cm GSD.


Get It!  Downloads in JPEG2000 file format


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Questions: Steve Sharp steve.sharp@vermont.gov OR 802-882-3006.