Cached Image Services Now Include 2016 Imagery

VCGI is pleased to release the latest batch of orthoimagery cache.  These “best of VT imagery” services include the latest 2016 NAIP (leaf-on 60cm) and 2016 VT orthoimagery (leaf-off 30cm + 15cm).  Caches are available in Web Mercator as well as VT State Plane Meters (NAD83).

Don’t worry, if you currently use these services in your desktop GIS and and/or apps nothing has changed (beyond the data in).  No need to rewire anything.

All of these services can be consumed via Esri clients/APIs AND/or open source clients/APIs.

Statewide “Best of” caches (includes 2016 NAIP and 2016 VT orthos)
EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_BW_SP_CACHE (ImageServer)
EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_BW_WM_CACHE (ImageServer)
EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CLR_SP_CACHE (ImageServer)
EGC_services/IMG_VCGI_CLR_WM_CACHE (ImageServer)

Questions or comments can be directed to:
Steve Sharp - PMP, GISP, CSM