Ivan Brown, GIS Database Administrator (GISP)

Phone: 802-882-3005
Email: ivan.brown@vermont.gov




Ivan joined VCGI in September 2012 to accept an array of responsibilities, including responsibilities in the areas of Project Management, Database Administration, and Web-Service Administration. He is currently VCGI’s GIS Database Administrator.

Ivan has been expanding experience in the GIS field since 1998. Prior to joining VCGI, he served in GIS programs within local government for 14 years. His extensive experience includes work in many functions, including data collection, quality control, spatial analysis, application development, technical communication, and enterprise-geodatabase administration. Over the course of his tenures in local government, he plied his skills in all areas of local government, including Public Safety, Emergency Management, Urban Forestry, Public Works, Utilities, Customer Service, and Economic Development to name a few.

Ivan holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics from Christopher Newport University. He majored in Business Administration because of its interdisciplinary quality. He enjoyed studying geographic information during his senior year when conducting research on the economics of urban transportation. After graduation, Ivan researched various career paths that might be taken. He discovered GIS. Given that he had always liked maps, had enjoyed the geographic component of his senior-year research, and knew that GIS was increasingly used to serve business needs, he decided to take the “GIS Road”. He took a course in GIS Management and entered the GIS workforce.