EGC Workgroups

EGC workgroups are created based on need and persist as long as they are useful. The goal is to coordinate effort, share cost (where possible), leverage resources, and develop consistent standards and best practices that serve the citizens of Vermont. Visit the individual pages below to learn more about current workgroups. 

Geographic Information Technology (GIT)

This workgroup will support the EGC’s efforts to coordinate deployment and use of geographic information technology (GIT) and systems (GIS) to support effective information sharing, collaboration, and cost savings across State government.

GIS Advisory Council

This workgroup will explore the potential creation of a Vermont GIS Advisory Council. A proposal will be posted below by February of 2018.


This workgroup represents coordination between 5 State of Vermont agencies to secure software called Geocortex that enables the creation of custom web mapping sites. The most recent MOU between those agencies is provided below. Examples of the web sites created using this software are also linked. 


This workgroup was created to coordinate the creation of data specifications as well as funding for lidar collection efforts around the state. As of the fall of 2016, lidar data had been collected for all of the state, and some areas are now planned for re-collection at higher resolution and quality level. The document below reflects the most recent state lidar plan.

Open Data

This workgroup consisted of stakeholders interested in the development of VCGI's new geospatial data portal. Over several years and major organizational changes at VCGI, a plan was developed and implemented, resulting inthe VT Open Geodata Portal. Relevant standards and guidelines developed are provided, as well as a link to the portal. 

Statewide Parcels 

This workgroup was created to develop a project to create statewide parcel data and an ongoing program. The project has initiated and the program has been created, so this page serves as an archive of key documents that pre-date the fall of 2016. After that time, the program and the Parcel Advisory Board became active. The contact for this workgroup is the Statewide Parcel Program Coordinator, Leslie Pelch.