History of GIS in Vermont

VCGI's History: 

In 1994 Act 204 (10 VSA Chapter 8) established the Vermont Center for Geographic Information, Inc (VCGI)In 2014, the VT Legislature passed legislation that made VCGI a division of ACCD. The goal of this change is to provide a higher level of stability and sustainability for the organization. VCGI is charged with the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for the Vermont Geographic Information System (VGIS). Further, VCGI is charged with ensuring that all data gathered by state agencies that is relevant to the VGIS shall be in a form that is compatible with, useful to, and shared with that geographic information system. If you would like to see more detail regarding the historical and legal basis of VCGI, click here

Vermont GIS History:

The following information, Story Map, and documents were pulled together, scanned, and made available by Sara Moulton, a long time VTrans employee. Thank you for creating this archive, Sara!

There once was a time when digital geographic information did not exist in Vermont. Now, it is used throughout the state in many contexts.

The transition did not happen overnight. This site's catalog contains digital copies of artifacts related to the early history of GIS in Vermont to help people discover when and how GIS (geographic information systems) became established in Vermont.

If you have artifacts from this era you would like to contribute to the catalog, please contact VCGI's Outreach Coordinator: accd.vcgiinfo@vermont.gov

Check out the Story Map created by Sara Moulton that travels through the history of the development of GIS in Vermont (or click here to open it in a new browser). The documents referenced are all linked below as well.