Geocoding Services


VCGI, in collaboration with the VT E911 Board, has created a suite of geocoding services that can be used to batch geocode addresses using ArcGIS Desktop 10.x. This service can also be integrated into ESRI ArcGIS web-based mapping applications.

Software Requirements

  • ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.x
  • ESRI ArcGIS API for Javascript, Flex, or Silverlight

Available Services

Service Description Server
GCS_E911_COMPOSITE_SP E911 Composite geocoder - uses ESITE, RDSNAME, and RDSRANGE
GCS_E911_ESITE_SP E911 ESITE geocoder - address pts
GCS_E911_RDSNAME_SP E911 road name geocoder
GCS_E911_RDSRANGE_SP E911 road address range geocoder


REST Endpoint: For use with ArcGIS-based web mapping applications

Input Address Requirements

  • Must use valid E911 addresses (street style P.O. box addresses!) and E911 town names.


  • Don't attempt to geocode more than 50000 records or so.
  • You must have an Internet connection to use the services. A DSL, cable, or other high bandwidth connection is the best option.
  • Addresses other than E911 addresses are not supported.

ArcGIS Desktop - How To:

  1. Use the following procedures to utilize these service in ArcMap.
    1. Startup ArcMap 10+
    2. Add a table containing VT addresses to geocode.
      1. Click the "Add Data" button. 
      2. Navigate to your table, choose to add your table 
    3. Right-click on the table in the table of contents
    4. Select "Geocode Addresses...".
    5. Select "Add" in the dialog box.
    6. Browse to the "GIS Servers" icon in your catalog, then double click "Add ArcGIS Server".
    7. Select "Use GIS Services", then Next.
    8. ServerURL = then click finish.
    9. Browse to "arcgis on (user)". Browse to .\EGC_services folder.
    11. Select whatever options you want in the geocode dialog box, including output, then click ok.
    12. The output will be automatically added to your ArcMap session.


  • VCGI, E911, its sub-contractors, and the State of Vermont make no representation of any kind, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use, nor are any such warranties to be implied with respect to these geocoding services.


Update Record:

Date: 6/5/2008
Operator: Steve Sharp, VCGI
Action: Initial product development and release.
Date: 9/11/2009
Operator: Steve Sharp, VCGI
Action: GEOCODE_ESITE upgraded to 9.3.1
Date: 2/25/2013
Operator: Steve Sharp, VCGI
Action: Updated documentation to reflect change in service offering.
Date: 11/24/2015
Operator: Steve Sharp, VCGI
Action: Refreshed E911 Geocoding Services using 7/5/2015 E911 data.