Enterprise GIS Consortium

The Enterprise GIS Consortium (EGC) is a voluntary consortium of state government organizations focused on effective management of the State’s Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). Click on the link above to go to the EGC web page.

The EGC supports the ongoing implementation and management of the State's Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). This support is guided by the vision and goals articulated in the State of Vermont's Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan. The Plan aims to establish a dynamic Enterprise GIS framework within state government which:

  • Promotes and leverages efficient use of the state's Geographic Information Technology (GIT) resources;
  • Recognizes opportunity through coordination and resource sharing;
  • Promotes quality and consistency through standardization;
  • Addresses data access needs;
  • Enhances the effectiveness of GIS services and solutions; and
  • Improves decision making throughout state government.