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2017 GIS Training at VERMONT TECH: Registration Open!

VTC hosts an Introduction to GIS and GPS class taught by VCGI staff. 

Approved for the following Continuing Education Credit:

Intro to GIS/GPS ($100) :

Participants will gain an understanding of fundamental geospatial concepts which they will then apply in learning how to use online mapping applications, consumer grade GPS receivers, and QGIS open source GIS software. QGIS will be used to explore and display geospatial data, to create new geospatial data, to perform simple geospatial analysis, and to compose basic maps appropriate for printing or publishing. Participants will develop a mapping question or project that they will explore and build on throughout the course. Training manual chapters from last year's class are posted below so you can check out what is covered or use them for self-training. 

2017 Materials 

You can download the training Workbook materials used during the 2017 trainings below. If you would like a copy of the data referenced in the trainings you can download a data package! Go to the VCGI Data Products Page and look for VCGI Training Data.

Intro to GIS/GPS/QGIS (range from 162 KB to 2.7 MB)

Powerpoints in PDF format:

Training Manual Chapters in PDF format:

Intro to ArcGIS 10.x Manual (2016) (PDF, 7 MB)

Link to Online Training materials posted at the QGIS site (try searching Youtube as well!)


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