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VCGI Strategic Plan: 2012 - 2015

Annual Report: January 2014

Please Note:

VCGI has moved from its previous office in Waterbury to the 6th floor of the Davis Building of the National Life campus in Montpelier (see address to the left).  We hope to have our Data Product sales functionality back in place soon (mid April).  If you have any questions about our transition into the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, please contact the Outreach Coordinator (contact info to the left).

What Does VCGI Do?

The storage and provision of free digital geographic data created by members of the VT GIS community are two of the most important tasks that VCGI performs. Anyone can visit the VCGI Data and Imagery section of the website to download this GIS data. If you are not familiar with the term "GIS", click here.

VCGI is also eager to answer your questions, help you understand your options, and provide the technical expertise needed to move you forward on a mapping/GIS project. We often provide initial consulting services and then help an organization formulate a plan to hire a private consulting firm. Contact our Executive Director or Outreach Coordinator (contact info is provided in navigation bar to the left) if you would like to request help with a project.

VCGI also does the following:

  • Provides the following services on a case by case basis:

    • Request for Proposals (RFP) development
    • Project Scoping/Refinement
    • Basic consultanting re: understanding GIS options 
  • Develops data standards, guidelines, and procedures
  • Develops and assists in the development of essential statewide databases
  • Develops and hosts interactive map applications to increase the public's access to information
  • Performs outreach and training to current and potential GIS users

Our History: In 1994 Act 204 (10 VSA Chapter 8) established the Vermont Center for Geographic Information, Inc (VCGI)In 2014, the VT Legislature passed legislation that made VCGI a division of ACCD. The goal of this change is to provide a higher level of stability and sustainability for the organization. VCGI is charged with the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for the Vermont Geographic Information System (VGIS). Further, VCGI is charged with ensuring that all data gathered by state agencies that is relevant to the VGIS shall be in a form that is compatible with, useful to, and shared with that geographic information system. If you would like to see more detail regarding the historical and legal basis of VCGI, click here